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In today's age of endless choices, customers want what they want – and they want it now. With Labibah solutions for Retail, you can exceed customer expectations, maximize omnichannel capabilities, and boost efficiency, productivity and profitability. Partner with the market leader in strategic, innovative, retail-specific solutions and gain the kind of visibility that enables your retail operation to win now and in the future.

                                      Point-of-Sale Platform

There are many things to consider when you’re choosing the technology platform that will help you run a profitable business for years and years to come.  Among those things are a handful of absolute must-haves.  

Think about employee turnover.  It’s a major time sink for any operator, so you need a point-of-sale solution that’s easy to implement and adopt because it will require minimal training for new hires.  That’s why our solutions are infused with ease of use at every step of the transaction - from the guest check-in and order placement to kitchen production, all the way to secure payment processing.

Of course, you also need a rock-solid system built by people who know restaurant/retail operations inside and out, ensuring speed and accuracy with each and every order.  The system you choose should have every single thing you need, and nothing you don’t.

بوسبانك إمبركس برايم

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المميزات نظام نقاط بيع باداء عالي وتصميم حديث يعتبر إمبركس برايم جيل جديد من انظمة نقاط البيع و يمتاز بتصميم حديث بسيط و انيق كما ان ادائة قوي وفعال وموثوق مما يجعلة خيارفعال لمختلف نقاط البيع سوائا..

طابعة فواتير بوسبانك A11

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 يمتاز هاذا الاصدار بسرعة الطباعة وموثوقية متقدمة لتتوافق مع بيئة المتجر POSBANK من POS تعد احدث اصدار من طابعات كما انها افضل خيار مق..

قارئ باركود هنيول MK7120

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يعتبر افضل ماسح ضوؤي متعدد الاتجاهات ,بتصميم بسيط وتكلفة منخفضه كما انه لايحتاج استخدام اليدينالمواصفاتIf you’re a retailer in need of an affordable, yet aggressive omnidirectional scanning solution t..

Bixolon SRP-350

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Receipt SMPS Built-in Receipt SMPS Built-in is for Bixolon POS receipt printing solutions*SMPS: Switched Mode Power Supply ..

CL6NX | Industrial Thermal Printers

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Optimize asset management, increase supply visibility, and expand operational ability with SATO’s next generation printing solution.The CL6NX represents SATO’s next generation of industrial thermal pr..

Frondsys Customer VFD Display

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:الوصف 2x20  شاشة عرض للزبون -  الوضوح و سهولة القرائه -3. ESC/POS command 100% compatible4. OPOS/JPOS driver (5~12V)تزويد بالطاقة عن طريق - LD220 has 2 kinds of interface, U..

Honeywell 1300

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The Hyperion™ 1300g linear-imaging barcode scanner is ideal for scan-intensive and light industrial applications. It features an ideal balance of performance, ergonomics and best-in-class durability (..

Honeywell 3820 wireless

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The 3820 cordless linear imager is ideal for retail and light industrial scanning applications where freedom of movement is essential. It combines high-performance linear barcode scanning with a read ..

Posbank A10 Receipt Printer

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High-speed and High-performance The A10 thermal receipt printer is anideal solution for any high volume retail or hospitality environment that requires high speed and silent printing. The A10..

Posbank A7 Receipt Printer

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Compact and Affordable  Designed with user convenience in mind, the A7 thermal receipt printer incorporates fast printing speed and jam-free technology. Its small footprint, proven..


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Overview The stylish designed ANYSHOP e2 is intuitively designed so that anyone can install or replace its optional peripheral devices easily. For example, all peripheral devices are toolless des..


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نظرة عامة  تعتبر من احدث منتجات بوسبانك لنقاط البيع و الضيافة.تمتاز بتصميم حديث وشاشة تعمل باللمس كما ان آدائه قوي وفعال  The new APEXA™G represents the latest evolution of POS terminal de..


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Overview Easy to install POS System featuring stylish design. BLUO is a compact POS System designed for today’s business environments. It’s practical, unique design is a perfect marriage of form..


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With superior performance and affordable price, these 4", 203 or 305 dpi, Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer printers are best in their class. The SATO CG Series models are delivered stock out of t..

Thermal Receipt Paper

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3 1/8" x 230' thermal receipt paper rolls are perfect for a point of sale receipt printer, cash register or credit card terminal at restaurants, retail stores, or any other business. The 3 ..

VariPOS Series

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VariPOS Series All-in-One, One for All Full range of CPU from Intel® Bay Trail J1900 / Ivy Bridge Mobile i3 fanless to high end computing i3/i5.15” (S series) or 19” True Flat P-Cap Touch ScreenHDD ..

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