Healthcare Technology Solutions

Better Connections. Better Care.


Connecting the right patient to the right care, at the right time is critically important. Labibah healthcare technology solutions connect medical providers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues and patients to practitioners for better care and better outcomes.

We offer a full suite of technologies designed for healthcare – including wristband and label printers, scanners, mobile computers and software that provide visibility and create efficiencies throughout the care environment. Labibah is a leader in patient identity, mobile healthcare and real-time locating and tracking. Let us bring the latest technology in healthcare to your facilities.

Patient Identity Management

Connect the Right Patient to the Right Care

The demands and complexity of your care environment require pinpoint precision when matching patients to records, medication, specimens and more. There is simply no room for error. With Labibah's patient identity management solutions, you can guarantee the right patient gets the right care – every time

Healthcare Mobility

Improve Staff Communication and Collaboration

To provide optimal care, clinicians need to be empowered with healthcare technology tools that instantly connect, collaborate and communicate with colleagues – right from the patient's side. Labibah's mobile technologies are designed to enable provider collaboration, simplify workflows and serve as a real-time command center for patient care.

Successful Laboratory Management Starts with Accurate Tracking 

Processing specimens is an essential part of making a critical diagnosis. Poor laboratory inventory management can lead to mistakes that create the need for samples to be retaken and reevaluated, wasting time the patient may not have. Zebra's laboratory printers, specimen labels and barcode scanners optimize laboratory management by improving specimen identification and tracking from collection to testing.

Improve Patient Safety

Proven solutions that can label and positively identify patient specimens reduce the risk of misidentifying a sample.

Enhance Productivity

With a robust selection of solution components, the lab staff can utilize a variety of Zebra products that fit best with their workflow and volume.

Track Lab Samples

Staff can rapidly and accurately identify lab samples, reducing search time and allowing more time for analysis.

TH2 | 2" Mobile Thermal Printe

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TH2 | 2" Mobile Thermal PrinterTH208 - SATO’s new specialty series of printersPortable, Handy, Smart. The TH2 direct thermal 2" standalone printer is truly revolutionary. Anti-microbial casi..

Zebra HC100

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The HC100™ makes it exceptionally easy to print individual wristbands on demand. Drop in the wristband cartridge and start printing high-quality wristbands for positive patient identification or hospi..

Zebra Healthcare Wristbands

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FLEXIBLE AND EASY TO USEZebra's thermal printers and direct-print Z-Band® wristband solutions are easy-to-use, fit a wide variety of environments and require minimal IT support.Wristband can be immedi..

Zebra ZXP Series 7 Card Printers

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ZXP SERIES 7 CARD PRINTER The ZXP Series 7 is Zebra's highest performance printer for any direct-to-card printing application. ..

Zebra ZXP Series 8 Card Printers

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With Zebra's innovative ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer line and Windows certified Drivers and ZMotif SDK software, create vivid colour and monochrome cards on-demand with picture-perfect ima..

Zebraq ZXP Series 3 Card Printers

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ZXP SERIES 3 CARD PRINTERS Versatile and Compact Make professional ID, gift and loyalty, and financial cards with ease right from your..

اساور ساعد للمريض

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اساور ساعد للمريض   يتوفر ثلاث انواع من الاساور - سوار ساعد بقفل بلاسيكي - سوار ساعد حراري بقفل بلاستيك..

ملصقات باركود حراريه اوعاديه

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تستخدم ملصقات الباركود عادة للتحكم في المخزون وتسعير المنتج و نقاط البيع. كما ان إنشاء ملصقات الباركود في غايه السهوله  تواصل مع ممثلينا ذوي الخبره للحصول على ملصق باركود مصمم خصيصا بحيث يتن..

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