A Well-Connected Warehouse

Whether you are responsible for a manufacturing warehouse, a distribution center, or managing inventory in your retail backroom, being well-connected and having visibility into all your assets, people, and processes at all times is crucial to having an integrated, productive, profitable, and compliant supply chain. Zebra’s mobile computing, scanning, and printing solutions connect each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.


Accurately Receive, Sort and Fulfill Orders

Shortages, discrepancies and damages happen, but they don’t have to negatively impact your downstream processes or your ability to respond to customer demand. With Zebra’s receiving solutions, you can electronically capture data in real time, send it to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and use Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) and GS1 information to reconcile order details quickly upon receipt. 

Streamline Operations

Identify and verify shipments in real-time by scanning barcodes, RFID tags, or RMA labels. Mobile processes empower receiving staff to be more productive and accurate.

Improve Accuracy

Know exactly where each piece of a shipment should be located to speed up put-away, eliminate errors, and provide an audit trail for traceability. 

Enhance Communication

Ensure constant voice and data communication throughout your warehouse and yard. Access, capture and send information anywhere in your warehouse with wireless devices. 

Put Every Shipment In Its Place

To ensure optimal inventory levels are maintained in the warehouse, you need to accurately document pertinent product information and location during the replenishment and put-away process. This is imperative for warehouse operations like picking, cycle counting, and reordering to run smoothly. With Zebra’s Put-away and Replenishment solutions paired with your Warehouse Management System (WMS), you mobilize and empower your workforce to see exactly where something is stored and how much is available.

Analyze Inventory Turns

Know when stock is added or replenished so inventory planners can accurately anticipate purchasing cycles and manufacturing schedules. 

Flexible Work Environment

Help workers efficiently and accurately complete their transactions in the put-away aisle. Hand-held, wearable, and vehicle-mounted devices provide the right device for the job, with instant worker-to-worker communication across the warehouse. 

Drive Business Growth

Eliminate out-of-stocks with rapid replacement of goods into the appropriate location and WMS, reducing unnecessary lost sales opportunities.

Inventory and Materials Management

Enhance Your Warehouse Processes Where It Counts

Performing cycle counts are essential, however manually counting takes time as well as a lot of resources. Zebra’s mobile warehouse inventory solutions manage your inventory in real time, keeping an accurate count and location of everything from raw materials to finished goods.  

Streamline Inventory Management

Accomplish more work with fewer workers, while still ensuring quality. Get real-time visibility into accurate inventory counts and locations, order fulfillment dates, and reorder notifications.

Support Proactive Reordering

Perform cycle counts more often and have greater visibility into inventory levels so you can order or reorder more proactively - never leaving you with an empty shelf.

Reduce Shrinkage and Loss

Increase profitability by having continuous visibility into how and where inventory is being used and accessed, as well as ease of restocking unused materials and returns.


Solutions That Pick Up The Pace

Whether you have a distribution center that specializes in high velocity picking or a warehouse full of pallets and cases, Zebra picking solutions allow you to experience both speed and accuracy in either situation. Accuracy is essential to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction, as well as inventory and materials management. Using the power of voice, scanning, and visual cues, workers can perform hands-free tasks and dramatically increase speed, without sacrificing accuracy.

Streamline the Process

Simplify the entire picking process and increase productivity with mobile devices - from finding the best route to an item, to on-the-spot verification, and instantly updating product inventory.

Increase Accuracy

Eliminate errors by reducing distractions with multi-modal and voice-directed picking. Verify each transaction with hands-free scanning or voice input. Voice solutions deliver 99 percent accuracy and can improve warehouse productivity by at least 10 percent. 

Navigate Faster

Locate inventory more quickly through voice-directed picking. Experienced workers know instantly if inventory has been moved and seasonal workers get up and running faster with less of a learning curve.


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